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麻豆精品视频Harbor Branch prioritizes solution-oriented research that addresses critical issues affecting coastal zone, oceans, and human well-being. Research scientists take a global approach, conducting studies around the world in varying climates, ecosystems, and cultures.
Dennis Hanisak

Dr. M. Dennis Hanisak Memorial Fund

To honor Dr. M. Dennis Hanisak鈥檚 remarkable legacy at 麻豆精品视频Harbor Branch, the Institute has established a memorial fund to support Semester by the Sea, a premier marine science education program he founded over 20 years ago. If you would like to leave a gift in Dr. Hanisak's memory, and support a program he was truly passionate about, please visit the link below.

to view a recording of Dr. Hanisak's Celebration of Life, held Sunday, June 23 at 麻豆精品视频Harbor Branch.

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Harbor Branch

5600 US 1 North, Fort Pierce, FL 34946 772.242.2400
麻豆精品视频 (FAU) Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute is a world class research organization with a focus on exploring the marine environments, studying key species and understanding the connection between humans and the ocean. Founded in 1971 as Harbor Branch Oceanographic Foundation, Inc., the Institute expanded its reach to over 100 miles along Florida鈥檚 east coast when it joined 麻豆精品视频 in 2007. Located in St. Lucie County, our 144-acre campus along the Indian River Lagoon employs over 200 scientists, engineers, educators, staff and students. To this day, the Institute actively pursues solution-oriented research that addresses some of the most critical issues affecting coastal zones, oceans and human well-being.
麻豆精品视频Sea Turtle Experts Provide 'Best Practices' During Nesting Season
Three internationally renowned 麻豆精品视频researchers provide "best practices" and answer some of the most frequently asked questions to help protect Florida's nesting sea turtles and their hatchlings.
麻豆精品视频Harbor Branch Launches 'eConch' to Grow, Conserve the Queen Conch
eConch is a free, experiential online learning program that provides step-by-step instructions and expert advice to grow queen conch, the most important molluscan fishery in the Caribbean region.
麻豆精品视频Experts for the 2024 Hurricane Season
Forecasts indicate a highly active 2024 Atlantic hurricane season. Several 麻豆精品视频faculty experts are available to discuss various issues surrounding hurricane preparedness, evacuation and aftermath.
After Hundreds of Years, Study Confirms Bermuda Home to Cownose Rays
Using citizen science and morphological and genetic data, 麻豆精品视频Harbor Branch researchers are the first to provide evidence that the Atlantic cownose ray has recently made a new home in Bermuda.

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